The Very Idea (2007) chair, paper, fabric, machete, gold paint, 8' X 5' X 6'
The Very Idea (detail)
I Accept This Totally (2008) video, lectern, fur, fabric, star confetti, gold spray can, 5' X 5' X 4'
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Sculpture/Mixed Media
Daddy (2010) work gear, gloves, star confetti, approx. 45" diam. X 14.5" H

2 Piles High - from the Love Box Series (2010) personal love letters and cards, candy box, ribbon, dims. variable
Album 1
Album 2
Flayed (2010) denim, leather, copper, brass - approx. 109" X 42" X 4"
Western Stack - from The Remembrance Project: a Workshop (2011) t-shirts, ribbon, bandannas, dims. variable
Blog summary - part 1
Flannel and Swank (2010) men's suit and accessories, dims. variable
Blog summary - part 2
Cornelia, Unpacked (2010) wooden painter's case, brushes, misc. tools and vessels, dims. variable
Contest -  from the Trophy Stories series (2010) trophy parts, wood frame, dims. variable
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A Trophy Story